Just a quick note to announce that I have changed web hosts. My previous web host, Steelpixel, who hosted me from August 2006 through October 2007, announced that they are going out of business since all their control panel data was lost. I must note that Josh of Steelpixel did a good job finding a host willing to take over the business and honor my previous hosting terms. You Can Read About Webhosting in 2019

The new host is RailsPlayground, a web host which is geared towards developers… [specifically] Ruby on Rails/Ruby, PHP 4/5, Perl, and Python developers. They have fairly good customer service; they responded to support tickets through their nice account center (the ticket center mirrors email correspondence between you and support).

The MySQL databases and HTML files were not lost, so I was able to access the old server through SSH and transfer my files to the new host. They use cPanel (this is the first time I have tried out cPanel v.11), which works well. I am looking forward to working with them in the future.