Last month, I read that the W3C rechartered the HTML Working Group. Then, a few days ago, I read Roger’s post announcing that he had joined the Working Group as an Invited Expert, per the new charter. The press release states that:

W3C has chartered the group to conduct its work in public and to solicit broad participation from W3C Members and non-Members alike.

I followed the instructions for joining the Working Group, and completed the application process. Yesterday, I was pleased to find that I was accepted as an Invited Expert. My name can now be found on the list of participants.

Within several minutes of joining, I had already received a handful of emails from the public-html mailing list, which I was automatically subscribed to. This mailing list is where the majority of the discussion related to the new recommendation takes place. The volume of messages on this list is something I will have to get used to. I created a filterin Gmail, which helps to separate the bulk of the list’s email. This way, I can read through the messages when I get a chance.

I feel that by participating in the Working Group I will be able to increase my knowledge of HTML concepts and will have an opportunity to offer my thoughts. However, as Roger noted, I would like to “get a feel for how things work” before I post. I am looking forward to participating.