I have rewritten the markup for the list of bookmarks on my links page according to xFolk, a draft Microformat specification.

Before I implemented xFolk, my list of bookmarks was a simple unordered list with each list item coded as follows:

  1. <li><a href="">9rules</a>:
  2. a community of weblogs on a variety of topics</li>

Implementing xFolk involved the addition of the class xfolkentry to the list item, the addition of the class taggedlink to the link, and the addition of a span with the class description to the bookmark’s description. The markup for the new list item is the following:

  1. <li class="xfolkentry">
  2.   <a class="taggedlink" href="">9rules</a>:
  3.   <span class="description">a community of weblogs on a variety of topics</span>
  4. </li>

rel="tag" can also be added to links to tags associated with the bookmark.

You can read more about the rationale for and specifics of xFolk on the Microformats wikior on Bud Gibson’s blog post. You can also view the XMDP for xFolk, which further describes the attributes that should be used.