A few months ago, I launched a site for my mobile DJ company, Dynamic DJ Entertainment. I decided to base the site around a weblog, which I had hoped would allow our company to:

  • interact with visitors to the site, clients, and potential clients
  • share our experiences, our stories, and the things we learn- about DJing, sound design, equipment, and running a small business in a unique niche market
  • show visitors what goes into DJing an event (start to finish)
  • display a “human” aspect of the business, allow potential clients to get to know us better

These are some the benefits of blogging that I thought of specifically for my DJ business. You can find numerous lists and examples of the business benefits of blogging by simply Googling the topic.

It may be a little early to gauge our success on these points, as we have only had the site up for a few months. Anyway, it’s good to keep this in mind as this is the direction the site is headed.


Last year, I made a video for my digital video production class at school on DJing, and it was a semi-documentary that followed us from start to finish on one of the middle school dances that we DJed. I still haven’t uploaded this video to YouTube, and it’s a bit outdated in terms of the equipment we used, but I liked the idea of filming the events.

There are a number of other DJs that film “gig logs”, in which they film events that they DJ at. Most notably on YouTube are briansredd and ellaskins of They have many great videos on a wide range of topics related to DJing, but I have neither the time nor the knowledge to film videos and make tutorials as extensive as theirs.

However, my friend and co-DJ Dustin and I have really enjoyed filming our last few events. Dustin has even uploaded a few tutorials, which I then blogged about. While our DJ site is not becoming the premiere site to visit to learn about DJing, the new videos and the new content has received a good positive response.

We have received a number of new inquiries in the last few days through the site. I will keep you updated about the DJ site and any new technologies that we try out. If you are interested, the videos are available on Dustin’s YouTube channel or on the DJ site with my commentary.