Two innovative sites (new finds for me) that you may find useful:

  • Techmeme: this site aggregates posts from multiple influential blogs related to the latest in technology; an online resource for understanding hot topics of discussion in the blogosphere
  • Doodle: this site can be used to poll or survey your friends on a single question. For example, if you wanted to determine the best time for a group of people to meet (see this example), your friends would visit the link you send them and respond by selecting the times that they are or are not available. A table is produced showing everyone’s responses.


I recently launched a new website, This site is the homepage of Dynamic DJ Entertainment, the mobile disc jockey company that my friend Dustin and I founded in 2006. We specialize in school dances and also frequently disc jockey parties and local events.

The site is built on the WordPress open-source weblog platform (the same system that powers this site) and uses the Tarski theme. The site is based around a weblog chronicling the growth of our business. There are entries highlighting events that we disc jockey and reflecting on other aspects of running a mobile disc jockey company.

Before the launch of this site, I had several entries on this site that dealt with disc jockeying and music, and I moved those posts to the new site.

Pages included

The site is primarily a weblog, but there are a number of other pages (equally important) that help visitors learn more about us and what, specifically, we do:

  • About: summary of company, list of types of events we have performed at, short history
  • People: brief bios of us and our company email addresses
  • Equipment: photo of our standard setup, with numbers on the photo. Each number corresponds to a piece of equipment that is described below the photo. I am definitely planning on adding a new photo, but maybe I could redo this in Flash or JavaScript (mouseovers?)
  • Music: I think this page is important. I talk about what kind of music we can play (which is pretty much anything), give some sample songs in each category, and talk about icebreakers and requests.
  • Contact: a contact form

There are a few pages that have yet to be added. These include a videos page, client login page, and testimonials page. Look for these pages in the coming weeks.


Just a quick note to announce that I have changed web hosts. My previous web host, Steelpixel, who hosted me from August 2006 through October 2007, announced that they are going out of business since all their control panel data was lost. I must note that Josh of Steelpixel did a good job finding a host willing to take over the business and honor my previous hosting terms. You Can Read About Webhosting in 2019

The new host is RailsPlayground, a web host which is geared towards developers… [specifically] Ruby on Rails/Ruby, PHP 4/5, Perl, and Python developers. They have fairly good customer service; they responded to support tickets through their nice account center (the ticket center mirrors email correspondence between you and support).

The MySQL databases and HTML files were not lost, so I was able to access the old server through SSH and transfer my files to the new host. They use cPanel (this is the first time I have tried out cPanel v.11), which works well. I am looking forward to working with them in the future.